2018 Medical & Scientific Advisory Board


Lon McCroskey, MD
Lon McCroskey, MD, FACS, is a board-certified surgeon with Midwest Breast Care at Menorah Medical Center in Overland Park, Kan. With more than 30 years of surgical experience.
Bret Miller was Dr. Lon McCroskey’s 13th
Male Breast Cancer patient and the Doctor that asked Bret to put a Face to Male Breast Cancer on May 17th , 2010 the day before Bret’s Mastectomy!
Look where we are today because of his request!
See Dr. McCroskey’s website for complete BIO

Robert L. Bard, MD, PC, DABR, FASLMS
Robert L. Bard is internationally known and recognized as a leader in the field of 21st Century 3-D ULTRASONOGRAPHIC VOLUMETRIC DOPPLER IMAGING. Dr. Bard specializes in advanced 3-D sonography to detect cancers in numerous organs including the breast, prostate, skin, thyroid, melanoma and other areas. Dr. Bard’s images are used to accurately guide biopsies, target therapy and provide focused follow-up after treatment.
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Oliver Bogler PhD.
Sharing knowledge is a powerful way to change the world and reduce inequities. In 2018 I joined the ECHO Institute at the University of New Mexico and am the current CEO of Project ECHO democratizing expert knowledge to change societal outcomes with an emphasis on the underserved, and strong engagements in health care and more recently more recently, education. I feel fortunate to join a group where I can engage my passions fully and help make a difference.See Dr. Bogler’s website for complete BIOMBCC Survivor Page
John Boyages, MB BS (Hons), PhD, FRANZCR

John Boyages is a cancer specialist with 30 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.  He is the Director and Professor of Breast Oncology at the Macquarie University Cancer Institute.  He was the founding director of the Westmead Breast Cancer Institute, has published more than 135 research and clinical articles and is committed to the dissemination of research findings to lay and professional audiences.

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