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Who We Are

Bret Miller first discovered a lump in his breast at the age of 17, but for seven years all the doctors told him not to worry.  When he was 24, Bret had a mastectomy.  Since his Stage 1 MALE BREAST CANCER diagnosis, Bret made a promise to his surgeon vowing no man will ever feel alone when they hear the words, “You have breast cancer.”

Peggy Miller, Bret’s mother and administrator of Bret Miller 1T Foundation.
Bret formed MALE BREAST CANCER Coalition in 2013.

MBCC has been a family affair since day one. Bret’s brother Blake, a computer whiz and partner of Think Big Partners, designed the MBCC website. Bret’s dad Bob maintains the website daily while Peggy manages the site, fields calls and sets up local events.

As Peggy always says, “Together we will change the world” #MenHaveBreastToo

Welcome to  Male Breast Cancer Coalition.

Bret, Peggy and Bob